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MACH Donnchada Winston Churchill


June 27, 2009


So we went into this three day trial needing just 12 points to MACH. Should be able to manage that in a three day weekend!

On Friday STD was first, and since we managed to do 2 dogwalks, no Q. In JWW, four jumps from the end I said come as he was over a jump to keep him off an off-course jump that he wasn't even looking at. Bad handler, dropped bar.

Saturday, JWW was first, and he missed a weave entry for the first time in ages. We ran early in the running order, so if I had seen all the other dogs miss the entry I might have handled it better, but the result was still no Q.

So, I called my husband and told him not to make the 1 hour drive since we still needed 12 points and we don't get that many in one STD run. My plan was to Q in STD by running very conservatively and then get the rest of the points tomorrow.

So, we ran STD as about the 16th dog. So, I watched the 26" dogs, no Q's. Then I got Winston out, pottied, did our warmup, and then listened to a friend remark that the course was just impossible for big dogs (Hello, note to self, that probably means they are NOT Q'ing) But, I heard cheering, so I assumed things were running well.

Get to the start line - no nerves - plan is - run conservatively, manage every obstacle, Q and get the rest of the points tomorrow.

He gave me a nice run, and a gorgeous down on the table (that has been our project for the last two weeks). Cross the finish line. Look at the time - 8 points. Give Winston treats, play with him, chat with friends, bond with the dog, hold the dog in your lap.... do you get where this is going!!!!!!!!

Apparently, there is great angst going at the score table, because after we run there are only 4 more 24" dogs. And, unbeknownst to me... the course is eating every ones lunch. And, the trial secretary knows this. And she knows................ we are in 2nd place !!!!! And with the multiplier we get...... 12 points!!!! Only 2 dogs Q'd!!

I, however am oblivious to the angst at the score table. But as the Exc A dogs start running, she comes screaming across the building - where is Susanne??? And proceeds to say you got it!! To which I reply, NO we need 4 more points. No, you got the multiplier. I then don't believe her, but they throw me into the ring, we do a MACH lap while the bars are being lowered, I don't even take my dog off the leash, so it wasn't the best MACH lap. But, we did it!!!

MACH Donnchada Winston Churchill CD RE XF

As I am fond of saying - who woulda thunk it!!!!!!!!!

Video to follow!