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Description of Sundays Novice Runs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On JWW which we ran first, there was a difficult opening sequence.  Suki - one of my instructors - walked it with me a bunch of times, and I messed it up on the real run, but I learned a valuable lesson.  The dancer in me needs to pick something on the perimeter of the ring to "spot" as I turn, that way I can end up in the right place instead of standing right in front of the jump as I did.  OOPPSS.   We earned 1 refusal there, and one refusal at the next jump because I was still off kilter.   So, after the first 4 jumps we had our maximum of 2 refusals.  I told Suki before we ran that if we had no knocked bars and were close to qualifying, I was going to be sure we nailed the weaves which were number 11.

Many of the dogs had trouble with #9 but we were fine.  All of the dogs but a few got the zoomies around 10 and into the poles, Winston included, but after a couple of tries we did the poles!!!!
Then, Suki had wanted me to be on the right side of the last three jumps, and I got out of position and was on the left -----------------  booo hooo we earned our 3rd refusal on the second to last jump!  No knocked bars, we did the weaves, time was fine, but one too many refusals.
Then it was time for standard.  The first obstacle was a tire then to an off set dogwalk.  Suki and I discussed whether to be on the right or left, decided on right, should have done left, earned a refusal at the dog walk, but he nailed the downside contact unlike Saturday, so I had hope.  Weaves were obstacle #4, and after a short pause, he completed them, I had hope!
Then, between the next sequence of jumps, I completed the cross we had planned, and got him to the seesaw, he completed that and I really had hope!  The next obstacle was a jump - no problem.  When the dog landed from that jump, they could see the next jump, but instead they were to make a 90 degree turn to the A-Frame - Suki had really cautioned me about calling the A-Frame at the right time.  He sailed over the first jump with me calling A-Frame in mid jump, he landed almost at the next jump and I said HEEEEAAAAARRRRR and he turned on a dime, and I really had hope!!!
Too much hope as he launched off the down side of the A-Frame - drat!!!!  On to the table which was a sit this time.  Nailed it, and as the judge walked over to start her count, I turned to her and mumbled - he's a poodle - remember this judges owns a standard poodle - she was laughing so hard she could barely count.  On to the chute and the final 3 jumps.  Under course time, no knocked bars, 1 refusal - and no Q.