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AND, 29 Double Q's

1.18.2009 Belgian Sheepdog Trial First trial weekend of the year, this is Sunday footage of a QQ.

1.17.2009 Belgian Sheepdog Trial This is our first trial of the new year. No Q's on Friday but here is our QQ on Saturday, with several front crosses in JWW.

12.6.2008 ECCSEW Trial Saturdays QQ, we got 1st place in JWW and 2nd place in STD for our best results to date.

12.5.2008 ECCSEW Trial Our Friday  2nd place JWW run from the last trial of the year.  You can see I wimped out on the front cross at the back of the ring, but from the crowd reaction, you know they were convinced I wouldn't do the front cross near the end, but I did!

11.23.2008 Belgian Sheepdog Trial QQ from Sunday, again at Camp Bandy.

11.22.2008 Belgian Sheepdog Trial A JWW Q from Saturday. One of the weirdest openings I have even encountered.

11.9.2008 TROCCQ Exc JWW Here is our JWW Q from Sunday. There are more front crosses in this run than usual!!

11.8.2008 TROCCW QQ We had another good day with a QQ shown here from Saturday. We were 3rd in JWW.

9.25.2008 WRKC QQ This is video of another QQ on Saturday and the Sunday is a Q in JWW.  I also included the Sunday NQ in STD, we were called for a refusal at the tunnel, but the rest was nice.

9.1.2008 TROCCW Exc JWW  Professional video of a JWW Q at Camp Bandy over Labor Day.

6.15.2008 MAKC QQ  This is professional video of our QQ at the Marshfield Area Kennel Club Trial, Camp Bandy, WI.  And, no we were in 24" not 16" as the video says!

3.23.2008 SOJAC Exc STD    This is our title run for our MX.  Thanks to Marc for taping and to Jean for her special help in achieving this title, we couldn't have done it without you! Jean achieved legs 5, 7 and 9 with Winston, but 10 was all mine!

7.29.2007 Corgi Club Exc JWW    The next day - we qualified again in JWW for a bumper leg! Watch out, I think I see a blind cross.....

7.28.2007 Corgi Club Exc JWW Professional  Video   This is the MXJ run as taped by Ariel Agility Videography.  He had a much better angle for the front crosses, so I am really able to see what we need to work on.

7.28.2007 Corgi Club Exc JWW    This is our title run for our MXJ.  The front crosses leave a lot to be desired, but we were clean!!

7.28.2007 Corgi Club Exc STD   This is the first run of our second QQ day.  This was the first time I had led out in months, and we held the contacts forever, but we Q'd!!

2.05.2005 Cypress Creek Open JWW  This is our second Q in Open JWW, still having trouble with weave pole entries, and not the best start, but we finished in first place.

1.30.2005 Flashpaws Open JWW  Finally, an Open JWW Q after 17 tries!!!!!  Just took some hard work over the holidays, but we still have a long way to go.

10.24.2004 Flashpaws Open STD    This is our title run for Open Standard.  the Judge is Greg Beck who will be the judge for PCA Nationals in 2005.  On his jumpers course the previous day, Winston kept going UNDER the single bar, so Greg was very pleased to see us title on this run!

10.23.2004 Flashpaws Open STD  Our second time out in Open STD, another 1st place!!

10.16.2004 NADFA Open STD   This run is our FIRST time out in Open Standard.  Poodle fell off the table, costing us a perfect score, but I was very pleased with our Q and Second Place!!!  We had done a few extra runs in Novice STD, and I think this paid off when we moved up!  We had also retrained contacts in between our Novice Title and this run, and it shows.

9.25.2004 Hot Dog Club Novice STD  One week after our Novice JWW title, we finished our Novice STD title with this first place run.  We didn't have the best run, so we decided to stay in Novice for a few extra STD runs.

9.18.2004 San Jacinto JWW Novice  This run gives us our first AKC title.  I called him off a jump and caused a refusal, but we still finished in first place.

8.29.2004 Fort Worth STD Novice  The last run of the weekend for us  was this STD course, and we received another 2nd place ribbon!

8.29.2004 Fort Worth JWW Novice  Our first road trip to the Will Rogers Arena in Fort Worth. Still trouble with the weave pole entry, and we received 2nd place for this run. 

7.16.2004 Reliant STD Novice  This was the second day at Reliant, and our first ever Q in STD.  Winston received 1st place for this run as well.  We have really having a lot of trouble with contacts at this point, so I was quite surprised by this Q.

7.15.2004 Reliant JWW Novice    This is our first ever AKC Q at the World Series of Dog Shows at Reliant Arena in July 2004.  Novice JWW - Winston took 1st place for this run.




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